To contact the Central Office, please call 818-980-7714 or find the appropriate e-mail address below:(*denotes, staff working from remote location)

Founder*: Sr. Suzanne Jabro –

Executive Director: Amalia Cortina –

CRJW Administrative Assistant: Mary Lou Vanderlip –

Fiscal and Administrative Coordinator: Emelina Chacon –

Fiscal and Administrative Assistant: Dayna Coronado –

Camp Suzanne Program Coordinator: Sr. Naomi Cornejo, S.S.S. –

CRJW Program Coordinator: Walter Hammond –

GOTB Program Assistant: Olivia Lopez –

Regional Coordinator, Southern California*: Michelle Garcia –

Regional Coordinator, Southern California*: Robert Martinez –

Regional Coordinator, San Bernardino*: Teddy Harder –

Regional Coordinator, San Francisco (Bay Area)*: Ana Gonzalez-Lane –

Regional Coordinator, Sacramento*: Jacklin Aguilar –

Regional Coordinator, Central Coast*: Susan Olson –

Regional Coordinator, Monterey*: Susan Sterrett –