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What We Do

What is a Cross-over?

A Cross-over is a unique opportunity to be in conversation with the imprisoned. It is a special day to provide a group of “outside” people with an ability to meet and converse with “inside” women at CIW, California Institution for Women at Corona, CA. The Center for Restorative Justice Works is in a unique position to accompany people in crossing over the borders of prison walls.

Why take part in a Cross-over?

“Crossing over” provides:

  • An invitation to respond compassionately to the Gospel mandate “I was in prison and you visited me”.
  • Personalized experiences which unite people
  • Deepened understanding of the injustice of the prison system and how it impacts the incarcerated, their children and families.
  • Opportunity for service while building perspective needed to bring about systemic change.

What might you experience at a Cross-over?

You will have a special opportunity to meet in small groups with women on the “inside” as well as those coming in from the “outside” to have a shared dialogue. You may learn that you have a great deal in common with a woman in prison: she may have children, grandchildren or aging parents; she may have a college degree; she may be deeply engaged in a journey of spiritual growth and discovery; she may like reading or a hobby that you have in common.

You may experience a sense of injustice at the treatment of prisoners or their families. You may gain a sense that you have a calling to go deeper with the experience by engaging in a regular volunteer activity or ministry at CIW. You may make a friend or simply have an interesting experience that will give you food for thought and prayerful reflection. We invite you to go in with an open heart and listen to whatever the Spirit sends.

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